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August, berätta om ditt bästa LUPEF-minne. Oj, vilken svår fråga! Jag har flera riktigt bra minnen med Lupef. Men ett av de starkare som fortfarande sitter med mig är första dagen på nollningen höstterminen 2016. Vi hade blivit tillsagda av...

Kenya’s Democratic Challenge

What the future holds is difficult to determine. Voter fatigue and a complete loss of faith in the electoral process may render any further attempts at re-election pointless. At the end of the day, the country still needs a leader and the lure of stability and return to status quo may be too tempting to pass up.

Privatising the fight against piracy

The private military industry is growing, providing not only support and training but also armed combat and security services around the globe. Private security companies (PSCs) have emerged as viable actors in a world bereft with asymmetric conflicts, porous borders and an increasingly blurry understanding of state sovereignty.